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Pat Hinshaw Memorial

    Pat Hinshaw was born in Del Norte, Colorado. He spent his boyhood hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and working with his cousins on his grandparents’ ranch near the Rio Grande River. He attended Del Norte High school until he moved to Mesa with his parents in 1952. Pat graduated from Mesa High in 1954. He joined the Mesa Police Department in 1959 where he served as a Patrolman, Motor Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant. Pat retired at the rank of Lieutenant in 1984.

    Pat worked with some wonderful people in his almost 25 years on the job and made many lifelong friends. He was passionately involved in the Fraternal Order of Police Mesa Lodge 9. A member for almost 60 years, he rarely missed a meeting and he attended many state conferences. Pat loved his lodge brothers and sisters. After he retired from working completely, he began shooting competitively as a hobby. Pat was a member of SASS-Single Action Shooters Society; his alias was “Wompuss Cat”.